Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

We want to help get you playing music in the real world, and this includes recording. Here we've reviewed some local recording studios to give you some places to start looking so that you can record your band's EP or first demos.

Eastwood Studios

Based just outside of Milton Keynes, MK19 7BQ, Eastwood Recording Studios are a professional recording company with the mantra 'inspiring surroundings make for inspiring results'.  Following this, they take great care to ensure that the studio is very well-equipped, tidy and professional, as well as making sure that their customer service mirrors this. They use top of the range equipment and up to date software to give you the best quality recording they can give. There are no standard rates for recording (call to get a quote), but unsigned bands get a discount. They also offer rehearsal space starting from £25 for four hours, with all equipment provided in a very professional studio. Whether you're an established band looking to record your next EP, or if you're a budding guitarist from my lessons looking to get some demos down, check out Eastwood Recording Studios.

4D Sounds

4D Sounds is a production company based in Milton Keynes. They are unique in that they offer online mixing and mastering, as well as a recording studio. The best part of 4D Studios is that it's run by a local band called TesseracT, an award-winning prog metal band. This means that they are extremely passionate about music and about making it sound the best the can, and also know how to get it to that stage. They have a wealth of experience in serving local bands and business too, for example, they have provided recording and production for Fell Silent, Stealing Axion and the Skuzz TV Theme Tune. Their rates vary based on timescale and project, but typical rates are a very reasonable £35 analogue mastering per song, and £28 digital mastering. Their service is more high-end, but if that's what your band is looking for then 4D Sounds are worth looking into. Particularly if you like TesseracT.

Hillside Studio

With a team that has over 45 years experience in the music industry, Hillside Studio is quickly becoming one of the best recording studios in Milton Keynes. They describe their style as 'old school', aiming to capture the essence and emotion of the song rather than digitally reproduce it. This leads to a unique recording with a very distinctive sound - one that can really make your band stand out. Their prices are also very reasonable - on the cheaper end of the scale - starting from £35 per hour, with discounted prices the more hours you book. If you're looking for a cheap, but very professional and uniquely produced record, it's definitely worth checking out Hillside Recordings, located in the countryside outside Milton Keynes.

Rockhopper Recording Studios

Located in Buckingham, near Milton Keynes, MK18 1UL, Rockhopper Studios offers top class audio recording and production, as well as video production and editing. They have high-end equipment and a great recording environment, including isolated vocal booths and a live stage for bands who want a more 'live performance' sound. They also offer fully equipped rehearsal rooms. Prices start at around £35 per hour for studio time, with plenty of deals and packages. The staff have worked together for a long time and are all very skilled producers, who'll take the time to make sure your recordings come out just how you want them, with their own expert opinions too. What really makes them unique is the breadth of services they offer. Music production, video production, mastering, rehearsal space and a mobile studio. If you're in need of one of Rockhopper Studios' many great services, be sure to check them out.

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