Music Venues in Milton Keynes

Music Venues in Milton Keynes

As a music-lover in the Milton Keynes area, you're going to need some knowledge of the local music venues, if you haven't already. You'll no doubt want to see some gigs, but you may also want to get your own band up on stage and performing - something we're more than happy to help with. Here we've imparted some tips about a few of the best local venues.

Milton Keynes Bowl

The National Bowl in Milton Keynes, located MK5 8AA, has been the host of a plethora of huge musical events and bands. Foo Fighters, Linkin Park & Jay-Z, Robbie Williams, Take That, Queen, Metallica, Eminem, Greenday, and countless other examples. With a capactiy of 65,000 in its outdoor venue, The National Bowl is the place to go for the most major acts in Milton Keynes. Being outdoors gives it a fantastic atmosphere, with a great sense of scale. Plus, it prevents you from getting too hot and sweaty! The downside is that the service isn't as personal as you might get from a smaller, independent venue, but the staff really do care about making sure you enjoy yourself and are safe, and are knowledgeable of the venue and upcoming events. 

The Craufurd Arms

The Craufurd Arms, found at 59 Stratford Road, Wolverton, MK12 5LT, is an intimate venue that has quickly become a favourite of bands touring through Milton Keynes. Just recently, they've hosted big names such as The Rifles, Funeral For a Friend, Madina Lake and Skaters. In addition to these, The Craufurd Arms is a great place to get your band started, as they regularly host unsigned, local bands. The staff are great at helping you in this, and are very friendly in general. The size and layout of the venue has led to it getting a reputation for fantastic live performances, full of energy and real interaction with the crowd.  If you're in Milton Keynes, you have to check out The Craufurd Arms. It has an atmosphere like no other and is a great place to see a show, or even play one!

The Stables

The Stables is one of the UK's top music venues. In their purpose-built auditorium, all tastes are catered for, from classical to jazz to rock. The staff, known as 'stablemates' are often volunteers, so they're truly passionate about the venue and the Milton Keynes music scene. They host a wealth of local and national talent, with bands such as The Shee, Sons of Cream and Roy Willox being regular performers. Whatever your tatses, you're sure to find a show you'll love. The venue is also well-equipped with bars and places to eat, so there's always something to do. Dedicated to the music scene, The Stables offers plenty of learning opportunities, from instrument tuition to music technology and workshops around the city. All great reasons to check out The Stables, located on Stockwell Lane, Wavendon, MK17 8LU.

Milton Keynes Theatre

Milton Keynes Theatre is a great, all-purpose venue that hosts music, comedy, pantomime and anything you can think of. Most frequently, they host classical, jazz, opera and musical groups, so if that tickles your fancy head down. They are run by one of the most experienced theatre groups in the country, and as such it is very smoothly run with veteren staff and a great reputation for customer service. they also offer plenty of ways to get involved, with things like lessons and workshops for theatre and music. Be sure to check out Milton Keynes Theatre at 500 Marlborough Gate, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 3NZ.

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