Famous Bands from Milton Keynes

Famous Bands from Milton Keynes

While maybe not the first place you think of when naming the hot spots for rising stars in music, Milton Keynes has had a lot of talent. The bands the town produces are also extremely diverse, with everything from folk to punk to hardcore metal. Many Milton Keynes bands have also been at the forefront of their genres, experimenting with new sounds and ways to build on the style. 


Capdown are a notoriously political band, their name being short for Capitalist Downfall. Rocking an eclectic mix of ska, reggae, drum and bass and hardcore punk, they've built a reputation for their energetic live performances on their many tours, as well as for remaining firmly independent. Their mix of genres makes for really interesting guitar parts that are fast, technical and jumpy. They began their successful career back in 1997, and not long after began touring with established groups like Less Than Jake and playing at big festivals. Ten years and three studio albums later, though, the band split up, finishing their final tour in their home town of Milton Keynes. They played their final show a year later at the Pitz club, again in Milton Keynes. The band have since got together for various festivals such as Slam Dunk, Hevy Fest and Reading/Leeds, but there's so far no sign of a full reformation.


Formed in 2003, Fellsilent cover Milton Keynes experimental metal needs. Employing a brutal, technical and polyrhythmic style similar to giants like Meshuggah, the band have become important pioneers in metal - particularly progressive metal and djent. After touring with big name bands like Enter Shikari and Exit Ten, the band signed to Sumerian Records - a label with a solid track record for metal bands, hosting groups such as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Animals As Leaders and Asking Alexandria. Their furious live performances coupled with their strong melodic riffs got them recognition from magazines like Kerrang, who called them 'exciting and invigorating'. Although the band split up in 2010, they recently stated on their Facebook page that if enough fans want them to, they will reunite, so if you're a fan of these guys watch out for that. If you're not fans of these guys, give them a listen if you're in the mood to break things.


Milton Keynes produces another metal band with Tesseract, but this time more of the progressive genre. Interestingly, the band has its roots in an online forum called SevenString.org, on which lead guitarist Acle Kahney would post his riffs and improve his technique. In the band's early stages, French singer Julien Perrier supplied vocals but had to leave the band due to the sheer logistics of living in France instead of near Milton Keynes. In the internet age, could this become a more common problem with bands? Despite having their beginnings in 2003, the band didn't release their debut full-length album One until March 2011 after several line-up changes. This release followed a tour in support of their EP Concealing Fate, which saw them open for The Devin Townsend Project. Recently, the band lost lead singer Elliot Coleman, meaning they have a new vocalist for the follow-up album Altered State, released in May 2013.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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